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About Susan Dumph

Susan Dumph, Attorney at Law offers services in family law and divorce, child custody, child support, criminal defense and child protective services. She fully supports that each individual is informed so as to make intelligent decisions about their situation, and does everything she can to achieve this result in her practice. She is the mother of three children and understands the ramifications of legal situations on children and families. It is her heartfelt wish to one day be able to help found a non-profit organization that deals exclusively with child custody cases and serves those clients that cannot afford counsel elsewhere. Child custody is the one realm that is often as important as criminal cases and child protective services cases, but where there is no appointed counsel for indigent parties and other non-profit legal services are already full to bursting.

Susan Dumph understands how painful and complicated a divorce can be and her goal is to help you get through this or any family matter successfully.
Susan Dumph accepts all misdemeanor cases, state jail felonies, motions to revoke probation, and parole board hearings.
Whether you need assistance with Child Support, Child Custody or Child Protective Services, Susan Dumph can help.